Article 15

by Article 15

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Recorded 4/28/13 at Lou's Kitchen, Taos, N.M. Produced by Max Moulton and Gizmo Productions. Article 15 is Travis Thomposon (bass) Lou Maiolica (drums) and Jeff Englehart (guitars and screaming).


released April 28, 2013

released 01 May 2013
Big thanks to Max for his (un)limited patience and to the NM tribe for all your love and support!



all rights reserved


Article 15 Taos, New Mexico

Article 15 is born from the thirsty earth of northern New Mexico. Using anarcho-punk as a means to an end, their music is a battle cry against hate-mongering fascists and a tool to help build a new world based on peace, justice, and an egalitarian autonomy of the planet and its inhabitants. ... more

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Track Name: Humo de mis Pistolas
We are a tribe built from trust
A cohort of friends
Every time we turn our backs
You stab us again

The time has finally come
To put it to rest
Our patience burned to the ground
Now we want our pound of flesh

Don’t come back around no more
And say that we’re friends
Too many times we let you try
To make your amends
If you see smoke coming from my guns
Don’t second guess
If you see smoke coming from my guns
Then you’re already dead
You’re already dead!

A coward in disguise
A dirty twitch
The newspapers will say
Found face down in a ditch
Scumfuck pyro thief
Will have his day
Hand him a shovel, hand him a spade
Make him dig his own grave
Track Name: Johnny's War
Will Johnny come marching home again, hoorah?
He’s coming by bus or on a plane, hoorah!
With a fresh hair cut, he came right back
He looked to us, but we turned our backs
He’s just another jaded son of America’s other war

Johnny joined up for a change of pace, hoorah
Johnny found out what change really means, hoorah
When the president called on us to vote for hope
Johnny’s in Afghanistan fighting for our dope
To protect the status quo of America’s other war

Johnny’s platoon killed women and kids, hoorah
Their bodies fell limp in the dusty fields, hoorah
The captain called them Taliban
But the blood was spilled in Pakistan
All for the comfort of America’s other war

Johnny’s best friend was blown to bits, hoorah
A roadside bomb was all it took, hoorah
Just doing business for Uncle Sam
Sacrifice, the ultimate scam
Who will be the last to die in America’s other war?

Johnny come marching home again, hoorah
With a pressed uniform and a rage within, hoorah
Americans killed in Katrina's floods
Cops beating victims like petty thugs
Johnny grabs a loaded gun in America’s other war

Johnny marches out to take them on, hoorah
His mom swears to god his mind is gone, hoorah
But Johnny knows the real enemy
It’s the brutal forces of the ruling elite
The first shot is fired in America’s other war

Johnny took six before his turn, hoorah
Johnny bled to death on a filthy curb, hoorah
But the media played his actions down
Domestic terrorist from out of town
Just another cop killer in a soldier’s uniform

Will Johnny come marching home again, hoorah
What they don’t understand it will happen again, hoorah
Keep sending kids to die for your wars
All you’ll get is an outraged poor
And then the war is on
When Johnny comes marching home.
Track Name: Mary's Abortion
No more
Telling lies, through a simpleton’s disguise
No more
Self-indulgent, arrogance and pride
No more
Holy wars in a savior’s name
No more
Fear of hell if you even think to disobey

No more
Raping little boys because you can’t get laid
No more
Homophobic hate and racist genocides
No more
Sexist dicks taking women's rights away
No more
Superstitious peons who sit around in church all day and pray

Welcome to the new world
free ignorance and fear
Welcome to a place
Where it’s okay to be weird
Welcome to a world
Without bibles in the classroom
And piety was just a real bad dream
Because Mary had an abortion

No more
Doctor killing evangelical terrorists
No more
Pyramid schemes that benefit the rich
No more Pat Robertsons and no Ted Haggards too
Because Darwin will resurrect
And kick their ass with scientific proof

Welcome to a world
Where everyone is welcome
Where we speak and laugh and play
And everyone’s an equal
There’s no judgment on sin
And all crime is forgiven
Where me might not all agree
But at least the music’s better
No need to fear immaculate conception
‘cause once upon a time in Bethlehem
The Virgin Mary chose an abortion
Track Name: Common Sense for Self-Defense
Lights out, all over town
Helicopters buzzing all around
Down there, people on the streets
Getting locked up by the riot police
Barricades, just like before
People pushing back a little bit more
Guaranteed by a democracy
But when you raise your fist in anger
You get beat by police

They say we gotta long history
Marching way back in the 1960s
Then they say we gotta do it again
Just follow the banner of the retirement
March for peace all day long
Sing a song sing a happy song
We’ll change their minds with love or so the story goes
But when their mind is made up we’ll all be marching to war

Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
All that really matters is what side…of the bullet you’re on.

All these crimes committed in our names
So we go out marching again
What matters is our message, play it real smart
But all we have here is a giant PeaceMart
Merchandise everywhere that you look
Say it all on a sweatshop t-shirt
Yellow ribbons look so cute in code pink
The war pigs in the white house are beginning to think

They’re looking down the barrel of their loaded gun
They’re looking down the barrel of their loaded gun
They’re looking down the barrel of their loaded gun
All that really matters is which side…of the bullet you’re on.

Tear gas hitting the ground
Rubber bullets flying all around
Cops charge, you try to hold the line
Clubs a swingin’ to the rhythm of the cries
Lock arms, holding all you got
Riot cops shoot you on the spot
Power to the peaceful, but what does that mean
When they’re stomping on your face for an eternity

Round and round, the cycle always goes
One day, their system will be broke
If you thought that this was all just fun and games
Wait until they hit us with their army tanks
When your city turns into a battlefield
Nonviolence will only get you killed
I got an idea, I think it could be fun
The next time we protest lets do it with guns!

Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
All that really matters is what side
Of the bullet you’re on
Track Name: John Brown's Revenge
Kansas was bleeding 1856
A free state consumed
By racist border attacks
Lawrence sacked, and a movement was lost
Till one man stood up and drew blood for
Blood was spilt on that final day
At the Battle of Black Jack they pushed back the southern advance
Just like ghosts fading into the night, Brown’s forces went east
To put an end to the fight….

Talk about the fight but talk is cheap
today we fight back for racial equality
Never give up never give in
This is the ghost of john brown’s revenge

Harper's Ferry, 1859
Twenty-one men seized the armory
To start insurrection arm all the slaves
But they were sold out by northern pacifists
They fought to the death against federal marines
And held up for treason john brown courageously……
Stepped to that noose and he took it with pride
To free the oppressed he would surely die

The crimes of the guilty, John Brown swore
Will never be purged away except with blood

Never give up, never give in
This is the ghost of john brown’s revenge

Look where we’re at… America Now
A classist divide, drawn on the lines of…..
Blacks in the ghettos, crack on the streets
Muslims kidnapped and sent to Guantanamo Bay
Mexico border guarded by police
And white racist thugs, they call themselves Minutemen
If john brown were here, he’d say it again
What we need right now, is a frontal assault on the……..

Crimes of the past, not yet put to rest
If you want real change, you gotta change it with fists!

Never give up, never give in
This is the legacy of John Brown’s re-……

Never give up, never give in
These are the words of John Brown’s re-….

Never give up, never give in
This is the ghost of John Brown’s revenge
Track Name: Mutiny is the Conscience of War

The orders handed down from way up above
From the White House to the general to the private below
They say freedom isn’t free but who’s keeping score
I never signed up for murder and I can’t take anymore

Fifteen hour missions in the dry desert heat
So that soccer moms can feel safe in their SUVS
Dodging bombs on a highway targets nowhere in sight
While the captain’s back at base lounging poolside

Late at night, nobody knows
One single soldier, nobody knows
One grenade , nobody knows
Toss it in the headquarters, watch it all blow!


Disrespecting lawful orders, ultimate test
Now they got you on the ground in the front leaning rest
Now here’s your lesson for today
This is what private gets when he disobeys

All the guys in the barracks whisper in tones
They’re only gonna get you killed, you wanna go home
So you’re sneaking through the dark, heart beating fast
Direct action in a flash, glorious blast!

Late at night, nobody knows
One single soldier, nobody knows
All these crimes against humanity
Retribution will be paid through mutiny

Track Name: Save Yourself!
Mohammad...didn't save us.
Buddha...didn't save us.
Jesus...didn't save us.


Gandhi...didn't save us.
Karl Marx...didn't save us.
Obama...didn't save us.