Lou's Kitchen Demos

by Article 15

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Some new shit, recorded live in Lou's Kitchen. Spring, 2014.


released May 28, 2014

Thanks to the good sound engineering folks at the Zoom Corporation (I believe they're from China).



all rights reserved


Article 15 Taos, New Mexico

Article 15 is born from the thirsty earth of northern New Mexico. Using anarcho-punk as a means to an end, their music is a battle cry against hate-mongering fascists and a tool to help build a new world based on peace, justice, and an egalitarian autonomy of the planet and its inhabitants. ... more

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Track Name: 11 minutes
I hear voices in my head
And they say they want you dead.
They're screaming on and on and on
And they say they want you dead. So now I'm
Loading up my gun, because you know it might be fun
Doing what the voices said
Because they say they want you dead.

Society it falls apart, tearing at the seams
Its hungry, broke and sick and chewed up in the war machine.
Desperation seeping in, what else is there to do?
Your job it sucks, marriage on the rocks,
Your kids are eating poisoned food.

Capitalism captures us, slaves to the excess.
Get ahead by cutting throats, the myth of our success.
Demagogues with dollar signs, preaching the ways of greed.
Build a bank to steal it all, a fraternity of thieves.

I hear voices in my head, and they say they want you dead
They're screaming on and on and on
Because they know this world is gone
The static buzzing in my ears, only magnifies the fears
The only way to make it stop
Lock and load and kill you all.

The shooter came and did his work, dead children on the scene.
So many questions they never ask, so they're blaming everything.
Video games and gangster rap and violence on TV,
Too much sex, no background checks, and not enough police.

As the empire of greed and wealth begins to crumble all around
The harbinger of death will burn your illusions to the ground.
A symptom of an ill, he will react to the disease.
A cancer cell with a loaded gun will bring you to your knees.

I hear voices in my head.
Track Name: Franco at the Disco
All work and no play
Wage slaves anyway
At least the trains run on time.
All work and no fun
A Fuhrer's work is never done
Gotta keep the masses all in line.

The things we hide
We must be dead inside
Must be dead inside.

Time bomb boxed in
Afraid you'll never fit in
Desperate for the chance to get ahead.
Time for the big brawl
Line up at the shopping mall
Blood-soaked dollars in your hand.

The things we buy
We must be dead inside.
We must be dead inside.

Bankers and CEOs
Know which way the wealth goes
As the media is keeping us asleep
War is the new fad
Wrap it in a big flag
Sell it as a sitcom on TV.

Sell the lie
We must be dead inside.
We must be dead inside.

Franco at the disco.
Track Name: The Fire Burns
You said that you'd never leave
Now you're living on the run
You said that those days were over
Now you're holding to your guns
You said that the fire burned out
But now the time has come
So you left with the fire in your eyes
Now the war has just begun

So many times I've tried so hard
To put away the pain
Try to turn a cheek and live my life
Defeated and ashamed
But now they got our backs against the wall
And it's driving me insane
I never wanted to be here
But now it's time to feel the flame.

The fire burns
The time is now and now it's just begun
There's no turning back now, the damage is done
And the fire it burns.

So many times.
Defeated and ashamed.
With our backs up against the wall.
Now it's time they feel the flame.